December Update

Hello Everyone! I hope this finds all of you doing well. This is a special time of the year. It’s Christmas. The Joyous time of the year that I hope and pray will be special for all of you. I want to send some facts and figures about where we are at with The Lord’s Harvest. We truly have been blessed this year and in a couple of weeks I will send a report for the year. This report contains figures from this quarter and a look at January 2015. In October of 2014 we distributed food to 1095 families. November jumped to 1170 families. December will bring 1339 families and January could bring 1495 families to our Ministry.

Presently our account balance $1917.84. The cost for December is $2967.84.

The Lord’s Harvest collects $1615.00 dollars from regular monthly donors who donate the same amount each month. $615.00 of this amount is my tithe to The Lord’s Harvest. I pay for the fuel for 2 trucks and the tractor that runs the grist mill out of the money I make doing contract work for the US Army. Any break downs and regular maintenance comes out of that money. Licensing and insurance also is paid with the contracting money.

Because we have been asked to serve 2 more communities here in Madison County the cost for the month of January 2015 is estimated to be $3350.00. This will be the last that I will consider adding because physically and weekly time constraints will not allow for more to be added.

Starting in January the Lord’s Harvest will serve 1495 or 1500 families. 10,600 LBS of potatoes will be distributed. 1,770 LBS of Pinto Beans and 1,770 LBS of Corn Meal will be distributed.

I need your help. The hunger issue here is very serious and hard to believe. The winter has started in brutal fashion. We have had 3 snows here with about 10 inches of snow total.  I have come to the point where I just cannot take on anymore. Sharon and I work almost 12 hours each day just to keep up. Sometimes more if the weather is bad because bad weather restricts corn grinding for corn meal. The number of families that I listed are heavy with single senior citizens many living as shut ins.

If you can help make your check out to Mars Hill Baptist Church and in the memo line write “The Lord’s Harvest”. Please mail the check to the address below in the Lord’s Harvest signature line. We have some issues right now with the web site donation button. As soon as we get those issues fixed I will send word that you can donate on line. If at the end of this year you have a need for a tax credit I would ask you consider us for a donation. Every dime goes to the ministry. I promise you that. We also covet your prayers. Somehow we will be successful with the Lord’s help. He has always blessed beyond our dreams and our dream is to help those that are seniors and the children. Children who had no choice who their parents are. Gents I have come to the point in life where it really doesn’t matter what I think or who I think should and should not get assistance. All that matters is what God has asked me to do and He will take care of the judging. Thanks for listening and I know the Lord will bless you in  whatever way you help. We covet your prayers.  There is not room in this email to thank you enough for what you have done and how you have helped us.

I soon will be sending a Christmas wish to you all. Until God Bless all of you and I trust that God will bless your life beyond your dreams and imagination.